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Two for two

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Often times I find myself breaking photo sessions into two parts for clients.  Some studio time, some location time.  It gives folks a chance to breathe between photo sets, clothing changes, and just wind down from being in front of the camera.

It’s no different for the “little” clients as well.  Kids tire out, need naps, snacks, etc.  And sometimes they just get tired of that guy behind the camera always trying to get their attention.  So it’s nice to give them a break and come back fresh for a second time.  That’s just what we did this morning with Miss Scarlett!

The classic look when you’re asked, “Where’s the kitty?”


Why won’t this photographer just let me swing in peace?

Awake before dawn I headed into the studio to round up gear.  Strobes, stands, cameras…..all charged and in the bag.  Scarlett’s mom had wanted to shoot at her friend’s home that has a cute yard and amazing early morning light.  Okay, I’m game!  Heck, I’ll haul my Airstream across country for a photo shoot.  I keep saying that but nobody has taken me up on it yet…..

Session number two was just as good as our first set with Scarlett (she’s turning 2 you know).  She’s a patient little lady who doesn’t mind cameras, strobes, or photographers with “Life is Good” hats.  Nice morning overall, although I am yawning a bit.  🙂

P.S.  Yeah, I literally just offloaded these and started sorting.  No edits at all.  Just some simple off camera lighting, one Radio Popper, and the 5DII.

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