Images of people just starting out

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This weekend saw our second to last Sr. Rep model shoot.  Each of my reps have been a lot of fun, their parents have enjoyed the process, and I had a good time too.  Whatever can be said about how slow business is, when you put me behind the camera everybody is smiling.  That’s a good thing!

The latest Senior is Jenna.  Basketball player, sharp young lady, and once she settles into a photo shoot she’s fantastic on camera.

Each time I do Senior rep photos it reminds me of my last year in high school.  Getting ready to start out.  Knowing I was going off to become an economist.  All those plans in my head.  The ones that I made happen, the ones left unfinished, and the goals I didn’t even know I had at the time.  And I’ve got one of those “studio” shots from high school of myself.  Good grief I wish someone back then would have been willing to go out with me while I pulled tricks on my skateboard……  But alas, the images I have are the images I have.

So with every shoot I’ve found myself wondering what’s in store next for these nice kids I’ve had the opportunity to photograph.  College?  Grad School?  Professional model (hey it could happen).  Anything is possible.

In addition to photographing my recent set of high school seniors I’ve also gotten to photograph someone else “just starting out.”  Little Miss Scarlett paid a visit to the studio yesterday.  She’s turning 2!  I find myself wondering today what life will hold for her as well!

Let’s hope for all of them that the future is extremely bright, and they all find everything they hoped for setting out!

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