Help Wanted: We need a second PhotoWalk Leader in Prescott

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On Saturday I got an e-mail on my Blackberry while in Zion.  The Prescott PhotoWalk was full.  You know, it still is full.  Wow.

In total I’ve had 6 more e-mail inquiries regarding the status of the Prescott Walk.  We’re still more than a month a way from the walk.  I’m figuring we could fill another walk in no time.

So, here it is.  We need a second walk leader to fill a need.  You’ve got to get over to the Worldwide Photowalk site and sign up to create a second walk.  I know many readers of this site who know Prescott so well.  I also know that many of the readers here are super personable, could do a great job, and would provide insights that I certainly don’t have about this town.  Not to say I’ve got nothing to say about the town, just saying I know other people bring other things to the table.  🙂

If you’ve always wanted to wrangle 50 people around a small downtown, this is your opportunity.  Get cracking.  Name the walk a little different than the current walk.  Call it Prescott Mid-Morning or something.  Just don’t name it exactly like the current walk.  You’ll have to answer a few questions and then you’ll get approval or denial pretty quickly.  Of course I’ll promote the tar out of your walk here as well.

There’s a demand, let’s provide access to more folks if we can.

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