Here’s one for the Ian Russell Fans!

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It’s official.  Ian recently completed 2 new original paintings.  I say it’s official because I scanned in 2 medium format shots of the paintings this morning!  I’m creating a 30×40″ giclee’ of one of the pieces right now……

Ian’s produced so many paintings over the years.  For me it’s nice to see some of his original work.  See, most everything in the gallery consists of giclee’ reproductions.  His originals get bought pretty quickly.  Some of the originals are commission work of course, but even those paintings that aren’t go quickly.

Today I’m including an image of his newest Lake Powell piece.  The other piece, a compliment to his “Kitchen Opera” will be left off the blog.  Hey, that just means you need to stop in to see one of the two latest pieces!  😉


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