Highway Robbery still exists!

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Who knew?

Yesterday we headed out to Borrego Springs again.  Meeting with one more potential client before we start work in Kingman.  And also Borrego means getting to see Bert and Janie while they’re in the area.

Coming down from Kingman I made the decision to “go a new way.”  Drive into California, and then go down 95 to 62.  It would be something different to do.  And looking ahead I found that there was a gas station right at the junction of 95 & 62.  So, all good.  A fun “blue highway” to explore.

What I wasn’t counting on was the gas station at that junction being out in space when it came to the price of fuel.  $4.89 per gallon.

Yes, California has higher gas prices.  But no, not $4.89 a gallon.  The AM PM in Mecca was only $3.49 per gallon.  So the folks out in the boondocks along 95 & 62 are doing what?  Yeah, making record profits.  Ah well, supply and demand I suppose.  They’re the only game in town along the route I picked until I hooked up on I-10.

Beyond getting held up for gas, the rest of the trip was fun and pretty mellow.  We arrived in Borrego by 2 p.m. local time.  Bert and Janie were happy to see us pull in.  Borrego was happy to have us back too.  In honor of our arrival we had a massive wind and sand storm for the evening.  I am exfoliated!

With the blog caught up I’m now off to enjoy the warmth of the morning, and then a little work printing out contact sheets for more parks that we’d like to work with.  Fun, working from a dry camping spot!

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  1. My dear old daddy used to say “I don’t mind the guy making a profit, it just galls me when he makes his whole month of me”.

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