Chloride rhymes with Fluoride

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This extremely cool bus is at the same park I am currently. Pulled in the other day right behind the Airstream. Oh how I’d like a look inside!

This morning while in waiting mode (didn’t head to Borrego today) I got a little antsy and decided to take a quick little trip to Chloride, AZ.  The entire drive I kept thinking to myself, “Why do I keep thinking fluoride?”  Seriously, it was like a drum beat in my head.  I think they have pills for that.

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Don’t know why, but these two broken down chairs really grabbed my attention today.

Chloride is one of the few AZ ghost towns I did not get to visit during my ghost town kick back in 08 – 10.  I don’t know why I bypassed it, but I did.  Today I made up for that.

I have to say, it was an interesting little town.  Like so many other ghost towns in Arizona, this is still an active town.  People live in the town, have businesses, etc.  But it is still listed as a ghost town.

Traveling through town there were many cool photo ops, but most were behind fences with Private Property signs.  Occupied homes, so yeah, no crossing the fence Mr. Rich.  So unfortunate.  There were a few old Airstreams, broken down barns, broken dwellings.  I could have had a field day.  But like I said, many fences!

The areas I did walk around posed a different difficulty along the streets.  There are a ton of dogs in the town (the barking clued me in, as well as folks out walking their dogs).  And in many places that I was walking……well, there were “mine fields.”  Seriously, every time I knelt down to look at an angle I had to stop so that I didn’t kneel in puppy poo.

I love dogs.  I miss my labs almost every day.  Especially the oh so brilliant Dana.  She was one of a kind.  So don’t take me wrong, dog lover here.

It was challenging.  I kept looking down more than up as I really didn’t want to track anything back into the Nissan.  Ick!  Bad enough I have to drain the blackwater today (bleh).

About an hour was spent in Chloride.  And no, I didn’t see or shoot everything under the sun.  It was my first visit and I just got the feel for the place.  Lots of photo potential.  Just gotta watch your step!

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Tomorrow off to Borrego.  Mountain biking with Bert, visiting with Janie, and warmer temperatures just around the corner!  Looking forward to seeing two of my favorite Airstreamers on the road!



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