I would love another Garmin 2610

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Back in 2002 I picked up a Garmin 2610 GPS.  The thing was like a big brick that sat on my dashboard.  I had a CF card in it that I’d load my maps into, and at the time I couldn’t store the whole U.S.  But that was okay.  It was the greatest GPS I have ever owned.  Sadly I retired the 2610 last year after too many years in the AZ sun.

I replaced my old Garmin with a new one.  Part of the Nuvi family.  Super sleek design, but just not my 2610.  The find next exit feature on the 2610 saw me through years of travel.  It was like having a blue road info sign right in the truck with me at all times.  Also, everything I needed to find was loaded in that GPS.  The Nuvi???  Not so much.

Currently I’m located at an RV Park outside of Kingman, AZ.  And when I turn my GPS on…..well, it doesn’t know this park exists.  Actually according to it the closest park is about 13 miles away.  So, if this park doesn’t exist…where am I????

Fortunately when I pull up my Allstays App on my IPhone it reassures me that the park does exist and I’m not in a parallel universe.  Whew!

My current Garmin is the Nuvi 2555.  It does alright routing, and helps me get where I’m going.  But in all honesty I’ve found that it’s missing a lot of data points that my 2610 did have.  The recent trip to Borrego showed the Nuvi was lacking many points of interest that were loaded in my 2610.  Multiple locations in Prescott that existed on my old Garmin are not on my new one.  While traveling through WV, PA, NY, CT & MA, last summer I found that many blue RV park signs did not correlate with the Nuvi.  In the case of this park?  It’s existed for more than a decade.

So yeah, bummer.  Wish the 2610 was still with me.



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  1. You are experiences the kind of service that thinking your way through the problem creates. Back in the day (maybe 30 years ago) the guys who designed these kind of things had to go out in the field with real users and discover which features really got use and which features were just a neat lab trick that didn’t make the end product better.

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