I hit the wall and the wall won

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Well, after weeks of just being so super busy that I’m dizzy I finally hit the big wall.  Fortunately I knew exactly what to do…….

Take a break.  🙂  That’s what I did yesterday, and I’ve sort of continued doing today.

This is a self portrait of a "tired Rich." Note the super cool Airstream and super cooler Route 66 shirt....

After attending Ian’s “funeral for his 30’s” Saturday night I found myself extra run down.  Okay, I admit it.  I’m no night owl.  My normal idea of a super late night is 10 p.m.  But I do cut myself slack.  I’m one of those up at dawn or before dawn types of people.  Years of getting up at 4:30 – 5:00 a.m. back in the wireless game has left me with the inability to sleep in.  And I really do like my 8 hours you know.

Ian and Matt saying good bye to Ian's 30's. Don't ask about Matt's earring......

I know what you’re thinking……  My 30’s funeral is still another year off.  So don’t go there………  🙂

Sunday I did the “usual” chores, and after wrapping them up I wrapped up.  In a fleece blanket.  Okay, 2 fleece blankets.  Pulled up ITunes on the Mac and proceeded to watch a few movies from the comfort of the couch.  I sure am glad my Mac has a little remote control.  Makes it easier to veg on the couch!

Later in the afternoon the Marzonie clan stopped by the Airstream.  Turkey burgers and turkey dogs.  Hey, Thanksgiving is right around the corner you know.  We were just practicing.

After visiting for a while I went back into potato mode, wrapped up in blankets again and watched a little more on the Mac.  Pretty simple day!

Today has been a little different.  Working out with Bob (my personal trainer).  That’s exhausting.  You know it was good because you wonder if you’re capable of driving home.  Well, that’s how I gauge it anyhow.  And today I felt a little loopy after the workout.  Progress!

This afternoon has been pretty simple.  Recover from Bob’s training, a nice massage, and finally a return to the Airstream.  Yes, the blankets will be coming out momentarily!

Oh, and I didn’t stow the camera away today.  As I was about to leave for my massage I noticed a very interesting bird 20 yards from the door.  It unsuccessfully tried to pick off one of the quail that hang out here all the time, and the poor thing stood in the rocks looking a little dejected over its failure at acquiring “lunch.”  I had the opportunity to photograph it for about 5 minutes before it finally got sick of being photographed and went to find a location without cameras.

Missed lunch by that much!

Point that lens somewhere else!

Regular blogging will resume tomorrow!  I’m feeling well rested and ready for the next wall…….

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  1. It looks like a cross between and owl and a hawk. It’s a mutt!! An owlhawk! They’re known to hang out around Airstreams, normally the ones in the sky. 😉

  2. Post

    I wasn’t sure….hawk or falcon of some sort. If it was a hawk it was a small one. I think it might have been hurt. Hopping around a bit before it flew, and when it did fly it stayed low.

    I’ve seen this bird before, zinging in low between the trees to surprise the quail and doves. And I’ve seen a quail burst into a cloud of feathers when this raptor struck it’s target. Wonder if it missed today and hit the granite instead…..?

  3. Finally got around to looking it up in the massive bird book! The closest thing it comes to is a Peregrine Falcon. Can’t tell from the photo, though, whether it’s a juvie or adult. Sylvia could be right, too.

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