I just had to post this…Sorry gang

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Okay, while working today I think I’ve come across one of the most unreadable RV Park websites possible.  Sorry everyone for the work talk here often, this blog is where I ponder, report, rant, gibber, etc.

I’ve been trying to put the work stuff on the work site, but I think folks might want to see this one.

In selecting parks to contact regarding their websites I think this one is a clear winner.  They need some help, and I want to offer it.  I don’t know that they know that I know they need my help (that was so fun), but they need it.


Check it out.  I can’t read it in my web browser it’s so small.  You should see it on the IPhone.  The Android tablet (yup, have one for testing) and the IPad all leave me wondering if the eye doctor was right last month.  Bottom line?  Not immediately readable.

I honestly hope the management from this site contacts me.  I really want to help them.  Actually, every park selected today needs our assistance.

Brrrrr….cold chill / willies after trying to read that site.

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