If life gives you lemons…..

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You must be parked next to me!

Pulling into today’s site I looked over at the tree next to me and puzzled.  A lemon tree?  Next to the Airstream?  Nah, not possible.

After putting the break on and hopping out of the truck I went in for a closer look.  Indeed, it is a lemon tree and as further evidence there was a lemon lying on the ground.  Hmmmm……


For the afternoon I’ve pondered my good fortune.  Should I setup a small booth in front of the Airstream with cute backwards letters advertising lemonade?  Or maybe I break out the hard stuff and offer drinks with a lemon twist?  There’s always the possibility of custard too…..


In the end my opportunities are boundless.  What will I do?  Who knows.  But for now I’m satisfied to still be wearing shorts contemplating my lemon tree and thanking my lucky stars that I’m not getting snowed on or frozen in New England.  🙂



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