I usually suck at marketing…….

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But recently I’ve had a few good ideas!  I think in part due to what I’ve been reading over at the PPA and WPPI.  Oh, and of course thanks to the wonderful book by John Harrington, “Best Business Practices for Photographers.”

My most recent marketing ploy?

This logo is now on a cool little stamp.  From now on items heading out of the studio will have this logo stamped on them.  Photo folders, disc holders, etc.  Just to remind clients and for clients to share with their friends and family.  I know it’s a small thing, but often times small things are very memorable.

For those who didn’t know, I named my studio “Waking Dream Studio” a while ago.  I’ve often heard my images are surreal, and sometimes dream like.  So I ran with that idea.

Now this is a small part of my marketing, and I am working on getting my name out there more.  Marketing is huge for successful studios.  Often times someone good at marketing will get more business than someone who is actually good at what they do.  I’ve expanded my skill sets over the past few years to offer great work to my clients, but I haven’t expanded the message.  So that’s what I’ll keep working on to ensure a constant flow of new clients.


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