Welcome to the new busy season

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Every summer July & August cause me great pain in my business.  They’re the extreme of the slow season.  Frankly I keep thinking I should go away for those two months with the Airstream and travel.  Wouldn’t that be fun?

Well, I’ll have to ponder that next summer.

September has always been the month that makes up for two horrible months.  And now it seems this year that September has rolled over into October and November.  Wow!  It’s almost like I have a business or something.


So what has been going on?  Beyond the flu the other week?

  • Shot the Raven Cafe’s recent Halloween Bash.
  • Shooting for another local photographer’s new advertisements.  Photographing a photographer?  Yeah….no pressure.
  • Just booked another Spring wedding.
  • Shooting a local fashion show in a few week.
  • Multiple family portrait sessions.  All for the holdiays
  • More painting color matches than I can count.  Lots of repro work too.
  • Preparation for Black Friday (yes, we will be having a sale on select items).
  • Scheduling new classes for the start of the New Year (yes, finally, I know I know I know)…….

Whew, there’s more, but that gives you the flavor I’m sure.


So, suffice it to say I’m going straight out again.  I still haven’t fully recovered from the flu, but hey that’s no excuse to slow down.

To all of my clients both new and old, thank you for helping to keep the business afloat this long.  And thanks for keeping me busy!!!

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