If only I had wall space…….

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So one of the drawbacks to full timing in the Airstream is the fact that I have NO wall space whatsoever.  That means I’ve got nowhere to hang images.  Prints of my own that I like?  Yeah, only on the computer screen.  Paintings from the amazing artists that I deal with every week?  Can’t fit those either.

One artist in particular keeps creating works that I so wish I could hang at home.  Dolores Chiappone.  She has to be one of my favorites in the gallery, and she’s one of my favorite clients as well.

I met Dolores a little over a year ago prior to the move to Whiskey Row.  One of her friends brought her in to see me about doing some reproductions of her original paintings.  Gotta say, I’m grateful to Bruce because he introduced me to a fantastic artist, and a pretty amazing person as well.


When I first met Dolores and saw her works I was beyond wowed.  We got to talking and I found out she’s a Scorpio too.  Alright!  I get why she’s so creative.  Additionally, she’s been painting over 50 years now.  Incredible!  When I’m her age (40 years out) I hope to be as dynamic and creative as she is today!

Dolores hasn’t stopped creating new works.  Instead, even after doing this for decades, she continues to create amazing works.  I’m fortunate enough to see each and every new piece, and to image them for her before they disappear into the hands of collectors!  Gotta say, it’s very cool to work with her.

One of her most recent works. The original is already sold, but I've got it on file for prints. 🙂

I thought I’d take a moment to share several of my favorite pieces here on the website.  Not the same as seeing the full sized originals, but it’ll do.  And it give you some insight into not having wall space.  🙂

Okay, back to running canvas!  The printer just stopped on a big one, got another in the hopper already!

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  1. I am trying to reach Delores, assuming she has not passed. I am so happy to have the top piece on this blog “Bow Peep in Central Park”. A letter to her Cordes Lakes Dr. address in Mayer was returned unable to forward.

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