Light It Magazine Issue #2 – One of my many excuses for getting an IPad

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If you poke your head over to Scott Kelby’s website you’ll see the announcement that the second issue of “Light It” is finally out.  Apparently there were a few delays, but everything got worked out and it’s now ready for those of you who want to learn more about lighting.

Months ago the first issue came out, but unfortunately I had no IPad to my name.  I hadn’t pulled the trigger on it for various and sundry reasons.  Reason number one was simple.  The budget didn’t justify it yet.

When the magazine was announced I was a little disappointed.  See, it’s only available for the IPad.  I’d hoped that I could subscribe to it and download it for my desktop or laptop but alas that wasn’t the case.  IPad only.  You know, I actually understood the reasoning though.

Reading about “Light It” when it first came out I was super surprised by all the grouching and fussing from folks on Kelby’s blog.  People really groused about the app only being available for one device.  Why wasn’t it available on dozens of other tablets, computers, etc.  Fortunately Scott had a great answer in a follow up post about what tablet is dominating the market, what has the best distribution format, etc.  The IPad was his choice for many reasons that make business sense.  Still, you wouldn’t believe some of the comments from back then.

Fast forward to today.  I’ve been thumbing through the second issue and enjoying it as much as the first.  This is a first rate publication, and the price of $2.99 for the issue is insanely cheap!

Now, if you’ve been paying attention you’re going to ask the question, “Hey there Rich, when did the IPad make business sense for you?  Cause ya know, it sounds like you got one…….”

Smart reader!

My Ipad in studio. Yes, there's Zicam in the background.....I can't get sick again!

The IPad, Waking Dream Studio, & R.L. Charpentier Photography

When the IPad first hit the market place it wasn’t an item that I felt compelled to add to my bag of tricks.  So I held off on it.  While I am a gadget guy (probably why my Trailname on the AT was Gadget), I don’t run out and get every new gizmo that hits the market.  Even when I was making engineering money instead of small business money, new technology had to accomplish a lot for me before I considered it.  And the initial IPad just didn’t come up to spec for me.

With the new generation of IPads I started seeing value.  Friends and colleagues began singing it’s praises.  And I started taking a closer look.  “Light It” magazine came out and I felt like I was missing out.  😉  And finally I started really researching the IPad and the apps available and made a business decision.

What really pushed me over the edge wasn’t a digital magazine or my friends.  It was my IPhone and one dandy little app.  Easy Release.  See, I started using Easy Release for model releases last Spring and found it ultra convenient.  I knew there were more possibilities in the world of Apps and the research began.  Shortly after the research?  A 64GB WiFi only IPad founds its way into my studio.

I remember one of the grouchy comments at the release of “Light It” regarding getting a multi-hundred dollar device for reading a $2.99 magazine.  The author was short sighted in that complaint.  See, I’ve saved a ton of money since I bought my IPad.  How you ask?  Simple.  Books.  See, I spend a lot on reference books, training material, and the like each year.  The Kindle App has become my best friend.  I’ve literally save hundreds of dollars this year on books that I would have purchased.  And I’ve saved a ton of space, which works living in an Airstream!

So, what do I run on the IPad constantly?

  • Easy Release:  I still use this one for simple model releases, but I’ve expanded.
  • Photographers Contract Maker Pro:  3 wedding bookings with this gem of an app so far.  You can customize your contracts big time.  Model releases, shoots, weddings, you name it.  I’ve created a half day and full day wedding contract which has worked wonderfully.  My clients have enjoyed the simple questionnaire that I built in it, and then the finalized contract e-mailed right to them.
  • Xtrafolio:  Yeah, this one is slick.  It’s my portfolio, only portable.  And it ties into DropBox.  Love it!
  • Photosmith:  It’s like Lightroom for your IPad.
  • Splice:  I use Splice to edit short videos.  I know, haven’t posted many lately, but when I do they’re usually put together with Splice now.
  • Kindle:  Yes, I’m saving money big time on my reference books.  I just downloaded Joe McNally’s latest book today!  Kelby Training books now go directly to my IPad.  Kevin Kubota’s Lighting Notebook lives on the IPad.  And so many more!  Calculating the savings I’ve already totaled up about 50% of what the IPad cost.  Give me a year, it’ll pay for itself.
  • Square:  My IPhone and IPad are my registers now!

That’s not everything on the IPad.  I left out other Apps, but that’s okay.  Nobody needs to know about my Angry Birds habit (I can stop any time……).  I think you get the idea though.  This is beyond a versatile piece of technology.  And of course the bonus prize of being able to get the latest copy of Light It!

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