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In between Nothing and Nowhere you can indeed find something, somewhere

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If you've never seen the desert bloom, you've really missed out!

So, for those who haven’t guessed it yet, I spent this past weekend somewhere between Nothing and Nowhere Arizona. That’s right, there’s actually a Nothing Arizona, and a Nowhere for good measure as well. Interestingly though, I was in fact somewhere, and I did see something. Truly, I saw many “somethings” this weekend, and that was good.

A weekend outing had been planned for a while.  Sadira’s birthday was the excuse to get out, and it was a good one.  Happy Birthday!  Initially she’d been planning one trip, then another, then another…..and finally settled onto checking out Burro Creek, Kaiser Canyon, and anything in that area.  Of course, the area in question was somewhere near Nowhere…….

As a last minute change of plans, I decided to bring the Airstream instead of the tent.  Things are warming up in the lower regions here in AZ, and that means Spring, flowers, amazing scenes…..and rattle snakes.  Just a week ago, 3 encounters with rattle snakes while visiting Vulture.  My thought….heck, I’d hate to wake up to one under the tent or something.  So, why not take the Airstream along?

Yes, I miniaturized the Airstream in the desert for giggles. What can I tell you, I'm having fun!

Really good idea too……

Friday morning we set out, Airstream in tow.  A new route to try out as well.  Cutting across from Kirkland toward Bagdad, and over to Route 93.  Final destination.  Nowhere……..

The ride over was pretty quiet, and a little slow.  Sharp curves, stunning scenes, a desert bloom itching to pop out and declare Spring…….What an amazing ride over.  The skies were over cast, but who cares?  This is Arizona.  And it’s Spring.  If rain had come it would have been all the better for the bloom!

Approaching Route 93 we stopped the Airstream at the perfect desert garden.  Nobody had planted it… just was.  Talk about a fortuitous rest stop!  Ocotillos, Saguaros, prickly pears, beaver tails, and more…..Purples, reds, oranges, yellows, greens….oh yeah, this is the desert too.

After spending a ton of time photographing, setting up “miniaturized Airstream” shots, and toying with flower shots we moved along to Burro Creek Campground.  Burro Creek is located somewhere between Nowhere and Nothing.  Talk about an amazing canyon.  The landscape was something that I can’t really describe.  Huge canyons, a crazy bridge, a fantastic campsite… goes on and on.

But enough for today.  I’ve only started sorting through images, I’m tired from a long drive today, and I guess it’s time to step away from the computer.  I’ll fill in the whole trip report soon.

Oh, and by the way…..the desert is blooming.  Whatever you’re doing, drop it, grab you camera, and go in search of the sea of color!

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  1. Thank you so much for making my Birthday weekend so special! I had a wonderful time and am so happy that Rowan let us in on this little AZ “secret” spot…now to go back and find those hot springs!

    And that tiny Airstream?!?! HOW do we fit in it?

    (also…I find it utterly fascinating that you take more pictures of yourself on vacation than you do of the person you’re with 😉 Dramatic Rich in repose)
    .-= sadira´s last blog ..Chocolate :: Birthday Week =-.

  2. You’re right Rich, we really should get out in our amazing backyard more. The Sonoran desert is so rich (pun intended) and we just have to look more closely. Over the past two weeks I visited Picacho Peak State Park (the Rich Luhr impromptu gathering) and White Tank Mountain Maricopa County Regional Park. The shooting was challenging with wind and depth of field with my 105mm macro lens. So, I wound up shooting at ISOs between 800 and 1250. The noise wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but I could have probably shot with less speed to gain the depth.

    Anyway, if you are interested in seeing what I saw, take a look at

    Cheers, Mike…

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