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It’s been a week since I started staying at the house instead of the Airstream.  A whole week!

Moving into a space that could fit multiple Airstreams has been a little weird for me.  Remember, I’ve been full time almost 6 years.  All that room to spread out in feels……well, kinda empty!  Slowly but surely though things are migrating to the house.

I will be leaving my trip supplies in the Safari though.  My goal is to get on the road a little more this year provided that business remains good here at the studio.  I’m hoping for an Anza Borrego trip, a North Rim trip, another venture into the Grand Stair Case, and maybe some new ghost towns if time permits!  Of course, the business comes first so we’ll have to wait and see.

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering.  The Airstream is not for rent.  Since my announcement about the house the other week I’ve had 3 offers to rent the Airstream from me.  🙂  How can I take off on a trip if someone is living in it?  😉

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