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Yesterday I wrote about the importance of photography, and that it does help us keep those special moments in our lives.  From snapshots to professional studio sessions images mean a lot!

Often I find myself doing photo restorations for families.  A damage image from their childhood, a long forgotten family photo that’s nearly faded away, you name it and I’ve seen it.

One client of mine is into genealogy and she’s building a collection of restored images from days gone by of family members she’s never even met.  This morning I wrapped up on a 16×30 print that was taken from something smaller than a postcard.  The resolution is amazing, and the print has blown me away!

What’s incredible is the detail in the faces that came through after scanning it in.  The image was a little abused and I cleaned up a lot of scratches, mini tears, etc.  Getting it to full size you can make out all of the people.  This one took almost an hour of time to setup.  Of course, I did leave some imperfections in the image, you have to!  Little creases here and there to give you the feeling that it is the original time worn piece!

Two super cool features in the photo?  On the left you can see a small cat walking away from the group.  Cute little black and white kitty!  On the right near the young man kneeling down there’s a dog at his knee.  The dog clearly didn’t sit still long enough for the photographer and you can see the blurred action of the dog’s head turning.  Maybe he noticed the cat!

With luck the final restoration will be passed through a few more generations of this family.  Now I’m off to work on 3 more for this client!

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