Into Palm Canyon

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palmhdrs-4Ah, to walk into Palm Canyon on an early morning hike.  Does it ever get old?  Is it ever something that you get used to?


This morning we set off right after sunrise in order to hike up Palm Canyon.  We were all hoping to catch a glimpse of a big horn sheep.  Unfortunately for the hike up we were disappointed without a single sign…..

Uh, this is season 3 for me out here.  Never seen one.  Saw Bert Gildart’s photos from last year.  Just fantastic!

Even without sheep the canyon was amazing once more.  Every hike in has been different.  Plants here, logs there, rocks all around, and beams of sun cutting the shadows.

Of course I reshot many favorite spots.  And the pictures are different from prior years.  That’s fun all by itself.  A new perspective on the same scene.  For me, a whole new way of looking at what it is I’m documenting.

palmhdrs-1Our party split up often.  Mike seemed to stay behind often getting a shot.  Kesley forged ahead.  I was usually somewhere in the middle.  A picture here and there, some walking, and some aimless looking around.

Reaching the palm grove we all did our own things once more.  Mike sunned himself on a rock.  I played around among the palms.  Kes found a different rock to sit on for a while.  We spent a good deal of time hanging out.

Finally we wrapped up and started making our way down.  More people were just coming in.  Huffing and puffing all the way.  Interesting to watch folks who don’t get out much.  Of course there were a few seasoned hikers and trail runners as well.  They’re fun to watch too!

Part of the way out of the canyon I saw a large group of people staring at a wall.  Kesley was in the group with her binoculars out.  A big horn sheep.  I’ve already posted my poor photo of it.  But I finally got a photo of one.  Maybe I’ll get a few more chances this week.

palmhdrs-5After we returned to the parking lot we headed back to the Airstreams.  Tiring walk, especially the return journey.  With the sun up it gets hot in there!!!  We were all worn out, and it was good to come back and wind down.

Once we got all squared away Kesley started packing up.  Time to return to reality and work for her.  Mike wandered around the campground with his Nikon and an extension tube take close up shots.  And I got to reorganizing the trailer a little.

Finally, before 11 a.m. Kesley headed out for her multi-hour ride home.  Good to see my old friend again.  It’s been over a year since we last spent a few days together.  You know how it is….life gets going and you only have so much time.

Well, there’s the wrap up for today.  More happened, Mike and I went to Coyote Canyon, braved the swarms of Jeeps (they swarm here), and then came back home for food and naps.

I’ll leave you with a few more photos from today, including my favorite for the day…..



Yup, my favorite for the day!

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  1. I envy you the warm weather. My outing to Yellowstone last weekend saw -5 one day and +45 the next. Camping would have been a bit of a challenge but it was great to be out in it. Wish I had more than 3 days for the outing I was just really getting rolling and it was over.

    Any way, since seeing Big Horn Sheep has proven a bit of a challenge for you I thought I’d let you know of my recent BH Sheep post from the Wilds of Wyoming. Not AZ sheep but distant cousins no doubt and will give you something to look at during one of your rest breaks.



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