It is Everybody’s Hometown

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This post should have gone up yesterday, but I decided to continue the “no blogging for the weekend” trend I’d started on Saturday.  No, I won’t be skipping every weekend going forward.  It just happens that I’m fighting a cold or the flu and I’m pretty well spent!  If you’re not feeling good, why blog?

Now, on to the point of today’s post.  Everybody’s Hometown.  That’s Prescott’s slogan.  It’s also one of my favorite photos.  I shot it several months ago, and when I returned to deal with it in HDR I knew it was a great image.  I didn’t know exactly how popular it would become.

Over the past week I’ve sold out of every version of this print that I had at the gallery.  Can you believe it?  All the mini’s, the 8x12s (two of them), and the 20×30 framed print.  Of course I’ll be making more.  Several versions are numbered series so we’re marching toward not making those sized prints again!  Wow!

This week I’ll be printing a few more, then we’ll need to frame again.  Always fun.  I’m so happy to have the printer on site so we can deal with reproducing popular images.

Right up there with the Hometown photo is “The Tree”.  I’m sure most readers are familiar with that shot.  Like the hometown photo I have a lot of demand for the piece.  It’s also one of those images that actually draws people into the gallery.  You can see them on the street looking in the window and pointing.  They’ll turn around and come back to the gallery door and pop in.

I’m glad to say that both images are some of my favorites.  It’s nice to hit upon something that really works for others as well.  After all, having my own favorites is one thing, but that doesn’t pay the bills.  It’s always the stuff that other people enjoy that will make certain I’m fed each week!  😉

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