It’s another perfect day….why are you inside reading my blog?

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This morning I was greeted by cool temperatures once more.  Arizona’s signature hyper blue skies, a slight breeze, and a strange bunny rabbit waiting by my door this morning.  I kid you not, it was like the rabbit was waiting for me to poke my head out for the morning.

Of course, today I’m at the gallery.  Looking out the window.  Wishing to be out stomping around the Dells again.  Or back over at the silver mine.  Better yet, back on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon……  yeah, that sounds good doesn’t it.  Better yet, how about somewhere in the Grand Staircase Escalante?  Oh yeah!

Ah well, I’ve got to get back to work now.  I just had a photo client stop in with a great series idea… I’m scouring the web for a few stock images…….

I think I’ll go plop myself somewhere out in the Dells again tonight!

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  1. ANY of those places sound better than the every so lovely South Texas region, where it is currently 103 degrees…

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