I’m in need of a few simple items

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A favorite client stopped by yesterday with a few ideas.  In return for his ideas I ran a few of my own ideas by him.  Together we had a lot of ideas.  We also laughed a good bit about what could come of all this mental exchange……

What I do know is that we’ve got tie died blankets covered.  Oh, that was funny, blankets “covered……” But we’re missing a few other things.  Maybe somebody out there in net land can help……..

  • Medical gurney.
  • Scrubs (I might have this covered)
  • A big surgical lamp.
  • A guillotine.
  • A gallows setup fit for 3.
  • One Tommy Gun.  Unloaded is fine
  • A fast car (okay, I’m being tongue and cheek here).
  • A pin stripe suit.
  • 1 goat……
  • A bag of baby carrots (I ran out last night and I don’t feel like going to the grocery store).  If you’re interested in dealing with my grocery list, please message me!
  • Okay, the goat was a joke…….sheesh, don’t judge me.

Seriously, I spent hours on stock photo sites looking for the perfect guillotine image to no avail.  So, any photographers out there with a decent image of a guillotine, contact me.  We’re willing to pay licensing fees for this one.  The more angles and perspectives the better.  The guillotine idea is not mine, it’s the client’s.  And you know what they say…..the client is always right…..especially if they’re dragging a guillotine behind them……  That would be scary!

Oh, and yes, a very new and very funny project is in the works.  With or without the goat…….

Seriously, somebody’s going to take that to heart…..no goats or sheep were harmed during the writing of this blog post.

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