A 38 year track record broken just like that!

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Last night I woke up often. Something kept bothering me, and this morning I discovered what it was.

Apparently I have “Pink Eye.” Never had it before in my life. 38 years avoiding this annoyance!

This summer Ian’s gotten it a couple of time. Little kids in the household, you know. So I made sure not to touch anything he’d touched, etc. And I did fine. Until today that is. Honestly, don’t know where I got it.

Popped into the gallery this morning and put up a few closed signs. Ian’s out doing masonry this week, and I really don’t want to pass this along to clients. That’s just rude, sharing colds, the flu, etc. So while this cuts into what is already a busy week, I’d rather do the right thing. Called all the clients that I knew were stopping in today, and now I’m set for a boring day at home.

Oh, the doctor can’t see me until 4:45, so I gotta figure out how to keep myself from poking at my eye all day….. Wish me luck! 🙂

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  2. Austin came down with it yesterday! Left eye too and looks like he took a left jab straight to the eye. Real swollen and nasty. Today he has a fever.

    Joke here is he caught it from you and we want to know how you managed that!

    Are you able to come out into the world yet?

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