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Yes, the past few days have been jumping.  Getting into the gallery by 7:30 a.m. to start running prints, veneering canvas, the works!  After a truly dead July and a painful first half to August the print business is jumping!  Really jumping.  Here I am at work on what should be a day off.  No complaints though folks.  Being busy is what I want!

So, what’s the latest news?

HDR Workflow Classes Resuming

With cooler weather coming I’ll be resuming the Vulture Mine HDR Class.  First one?  How about Halloween Weekend?  That’s right, a ghost town for Halloween!

With 2 signups for the class this week that leaves 3 more openings for students.  If you want to sign up I’d suggest getting on board now.  Click here for more information.

Jamming out the canvas

Another crazy week of printing which is why the blog has been pretty quiet.  George Molnar hit me with 2 32×46 canvases early in the week, 2 more yesterday, and looking at a few smaller ones for him soon.  At the same time, 5 24×32’s, a few 20×30’s, a 30×50 for Ian Russell, and a 30×30 to boot (that’s running right now).

Last week I ordered in 3 more rolls of canvas from the folks over at Breathing Color, and I’ve already run through more than 50% of the 44″ roll.  Each 44″ roll has over 21,000 square inches.  That’s a lot of canvas!  Ripped through another 44″ roll just over a week ago.

Yes, the giclee’ business is hopping right now.  Thanks to all my clients for bringing your prints to me!  I really appreciate your business.

Upcoming Projects

I now have 2 new band projects going on.  Filabusta will be doing a series of images that should be seen here by October.  In addition, another local band has inquired about some unique images.  Just gotta figure out a few items for the final products.  Finally, I’ve got an idea for Sweet Nasty that should be a lot of fun!

There’s more but…….

I’ve got to get off the blog now.  Another canvas is about to finish, and I want to get it ready……..

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