It’s over……and just beginning

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The grand re-opening / change / studio / gallery event is over…………

Packed em in!


Can I have a 2 day nap please?

Nick's new hat

Last night was the culmination of weeks of change.  Photo gear, printing gear, paintings, bronzes, pottery, jewelry and so much more have been relocated.  Sure, it was only a relocation of like a block (give or take a few feet), but moving is moving.  Might as well have packed everything up and headed back to NH.

But it’s all done now…….

So, what’s next?  Well, for me an 11 a.m. photo shoot, color matching 3 Marcia Molnar paintings, meeting with Derrick about several of his pieces that I need to shoot……yup, back in business to be sure.  And that’s necessary.  2 weeks of being closed means I’m way behind on my budget (by like 2 weeks).  So, the next two weeks needs to generate 4 weeks of revenue!  We’ll see if that can happen!

Below are some more images from last night’s big event.  Let me tell you, it was wall to wall from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Sometimes it was extremely difficult to navigate around!  But hey, that’s what big openings are supposed to be like, right?

Random shot from the evening

Dalores, an incredible painter!

CS Fritz being himself

Played with lights in the studio

Dave and Nick clean up well. Who knows when these two will look like this again......

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