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Just trying to have dinner in peace

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Yesterday while sitting down on the beach here at the Old Holbrook Place we watched an interesting aerial battle.  An Osprey was being pursued by 2 little birds (Oriels actually) who just wouldn’t cut the Osprey a break.


I set the 7D to AI Servo, cranked up the ISO, and was firing away at F4.  Tough to follow the battle the entire time.  The 70-200mm can only do so much in a fast moving aerial fight.

The Osprey clearly has a fish in its talons!

The Osprey clearly has a fish in its talons!

While I was firing away Jodi was too.  Same exact setup.  Two 7D’s clicking away through the night….oh wait, what?

They just wouldn't let up

They just wouldn’t let up

The battle lasted more than 5 minutes.  The Osprey repeatedly tried to find a tree to enjoy its fish dinner in.  The smaller birds kept the attack going and the Osprey would take flight once again.

Shot by Jodi during the battle

Shot by Jodi during the battle

Finally the Osprey flew off to the East, leaving the little birds behind.  So of course, no Osprey eating fish photos.  🙁




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