A newer Airstream at Organ Pipe

The gray is back, the Airstream is dark

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Ah waking up this morning was harder.  No sun again.  Just a solid gray sky.  Bleh!

According to my handy IPhone weather app this will be out of here by the afternoon and I’ll have my sun back.  So I just have to hang in for a few hours.  And I have the perfect activity for the time.  Making tutorial videos for the new site that we’re wrapping up on.

Yesterday I recorded about 45 minutes of video.  I’ve still got a good bit to go.  And since the morning looks to be nasty I’ll just sit inside the Airstream and record videos!  Good solution, right?

With the weather being nice the past few days it’s hard to want to sit inside an Airstream working on a computer.  I’d rather be outside watching puffy clouds go by, paddling in the canoe, photographing, etc.  If nothing else, rainy days make you get your indoor work done.  Just so long as we don’t have another 6 rainy days in a row!

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