Kayden visits again

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Last Spring I had the pleasure of photographing a very new life.  Kayden.  Her mom and dad came all the way up from Phoenix to have her photographed at my studio.  And several weeks ago Zack called me to see about coming up again as Kayden is already 6 months old!

Kayden’s first visit last spring. She did not want to nap at all. 🙂



She was a tiny little lady last time I saw her.  But this weekend I found that she is indeed growing up quick.  Sitting up, rolling across the floor, the grass, etc, and totally engaged with her mom & dad!


Like all little ones who are on the move, she really liked popping everything in her mouth.  Her teddy bear?  Yup.  The blanket she was sitting on in studio…..primary target.  Leaves when we were outside?  Of course.  Blades of grass?  Why not???

Once again, we had a nice afternoon with Devon, Zack, & Kayden.  And I had to get a few shots of mom, dad, and the little one.  Definitely a handsome family, very photogenic, and pleasant to work with.

I can tell you that this is a fun part of my business.  I’m getting to see someone grow up right before my lens.  I wonder what we’ll do for her first birthday?

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