White Sands Dune Ripples

The things you don’t see

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This weekend was a busy one.  Finally!  After 3 months of nothing on the radar screen it’s good to be busy again.

Apparently the July / August slump that I have each year has now reached into September as well.

In total we did 4 shoots between Friday evening and Sunday evening.  Kept me hopping to be sure, and yesterday it left me wanting a nap mid-day which was not in the cards.  We still had our late afternoon shoot to do with Evan, so nap time was put on hold.

A lot goes into our location shooting, and our Composite work as well at the studio.  Edits, scene creations, sorting and selecting, and final proofing with the clients.  Normally on the blog you’ll see work in progress or final pieces, but yesterday I thought it would be fun to show you setups and starting points.  Those cool images start somewhere, so where is it they begin?

This is what things really look like in studio when I’m shooting for composites.  Strobes, white background, softboxes in my way.  Now I’ve showed composites coming together before, but never the straight out of the camera starting point.  So today you get to see how it all begins.  I’ve already got a cool scene in mind for Evan, so the next step will be to crop this down and cut him out to add into another scene.  A little work ahead to be sure.

With our location shooting it’s a whole other world.  Portable softboxes, Alien Bees, Radio Poppers, mono poles for lighting assistants.  We do drag along a good bit of “stuff” all over the place.  And the portraits that come out of the location shoots are always cool.  But what really goes into them?

Neither wind, nor sleet, nor dead of night……..yeah, that’s a lighting assistant’s life, eh?  In this case we were dealing with some nice wind gusts.  Jodi kept the light where it needed to be.  And she didn’t get blow off the rocks even once.  I was safely down on the ground shooting with the 70-200mm.  And the final products that I’m now working on don’t include the assistants silhouette.

So, there you go.  A little “behind the scenes” from this past weekend.  Wait until you see the final products!


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