A late start for the New Year

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Cloud Museum

A vintage car at the Cloud Museum.

It’s been a few days since 2015 has started, and no posts have popped up here.  Honestly I took a mini mental holiday, but now we’re back into the work mode.  With extremely cold temperatures, snow for 2 days…..well, I just checked out for a bit.  A few good movies were watched, a little bit of video game play occurred, you get the idea!

Now the winter holiday is over, and it’s back to updates, articles for Living In Tin, and a small client job.  With luck we’ll be working with another medium sized business in a few weeks, but we don’t have a contract in hand yet!

While we await a final answer from the potential client I’ll be doing more work over at Living In Tin.  The article on the Imperial Dam LTVA is coming together quite nicely, and there are some pretty amazing images that will be included.  In addition to the latest travel article focused on LTVA’s I’m also starting a new series for Living in Tin.  Photography On the Road.  For long time followers, remember all of the video tutorials here?  Well, we’ll be doing bigger ones at Living In Tin in 2015.

The first new article coming out with a full video tutorial at Living In Tin will be, “Lightroom For The Road.”  It’s going to cover the basic setup of a new Lightroom library, and your first imports into Lightroom.  Each month we’ll be doing a feature on using Lightroom, managing libraries, editing, and more.

Photography enthusiasts are fortunate these days.  You don’t need a darkroom any more….you need a Lightroom.  Even with a small space like an RV, you can bring your portable photo lab with you.  And it takes very little space to have everything you need.  So you’ll be seeing more about photography from the road, the equipment and software you need, and tutorials on software packages, shooting, and editing images for your next RV trip!

Get ready for an informative year here at The Airstream Chronicles, and over at Living In Tin as well!

Oh, and today’s featured photo is one of the shots taken while we were visiting the Imperial Dam LTVA!  Some amazing scenes and stories from that trip!


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