Improving your travel photography

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_MG_7596_7_8HDRFor years I’ve been working on my travel photography.  My first real camera back in under grad was a Pentax K-1000.  A rugged little bomb proof camera that could be found in my backpack, the floor of my VW Fox, or sometimes even in my apartment.

After moving to New Hampshire for grad school I reconnected with my love of the outdoors in a big way.  Free weekends were spent in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, or along the shore line in Maine, or more often than not, at the Kittery Trading Post looking for more hiking gear.

So yes, my love affair with photography has been over 2 decades now (wow, just made myself feel older).  And over time photography became a business for me, for a few years at least.  Of course, everything changed since that first K-1000.  We’re in the digital world now, and I’m extremely comfortable with that.  But not everyone else is.

Today over at Living In Tin I’ve started a new series of posts for RV’ers and any other travelers as well.  My first installment of video tutorials for 2015 has begun at Living In Tin.  The first article / set of tutorials?  Lightroom for the Road.  42 minutes of video instruction about setting up Lightroom for the first time, importing images, and learning your way around Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.  This is just the beginning!

Along with articles about great places to visit, we are now expanding the scope of Living In Tin.  For years folks have followed along with my photographic work here, and have often asked “how did you do that?”  Now with Living In Tin I have a place and format that will fit well with offering more tutorials then I’ve ever made before.  And for long time readers, you remember the tutorials here.  Everyone always asked me, “Why did you stop doing those?”  The simple answer…..they took so much time to put together, and my time needs to be spent on things that offer some kind of return.  With the new site I can finally get back to putting these tutorials together.

So, travel photography, travel articles, boondocking, tutorials, and more.  Living In Tin is going to see some amazing growth this year!  Pop your head over there and take a look for yourself.  Looking to improve your own travel photography and post processing?  You really need to take a look.  And don’t forget, you can sign up for a free 1 day subscription to try it out!

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