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Rainy days in an Airstream

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Gray Day

Getting stir crazy in the Airstream after a few days of rain

3 gray days in a row.  This weekend has had a New England feel, not an Arizona feel.  Now don’t get me wrong, everyone who lives in Arizona is always happy to see the rain.  Since the state doesn’t get much rain each year, seeing it is an event!

But when you’re in a 25 foot long by 8 foot wide Airstream….well, you start feeling a little penned in!  One of the major requirements when full timing in any RV, not just an Airstream, is getting outside to have that “extra” space.  Staying indoors all day in less then 200 square feet of space feels a little constraining.

My last few winters in New England always had over cast skies, super gray days, dark and chilly days….but that’s New England and I was in a sizable house.  Go upstairs, go downstairs, walk into the computer room, head back upstairs again, let the dogs out.  Still plenty of room to walk and stretch out.  When you’re in an RV on those icky days you can find yourself getting stir crazy.  There are only so many times in the day you can re-organize your closets and cabinets!

So, what do you do for multiple rainy days in an Airstream?  Well hopefully you have a good movie collection along with you.  Other options?  Take a ride into town, walk around a few shops, visit a mall, just anything you can think of to get you out and moving for a little bit.

The full time RV lifestyle has a lot of perks to be sure.  But one drawback is bad weather days!  Unfortunately for me, Intellicast says I have two more gray days, then we’ll see the sun return for a good while once more.  In the meantime, I need to get out and do something interesting today!

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  1. You’re picture reminds me of my latest trip to the Grand Canyon. We went during the Arizona monsoon season and ended up spending the time either engulfed in fog or getting rained on. It did make for some amazing photos on the canyon though.

  2. It’s amazing how even the biggest coach can start to feel like a breadbox after a while. Hope the sun shines on you soon!

  3. Enjoy the free time to get out’n’about. As some other blogger recently opined, there’s no such thing as bad weather … just inappropriate clothing for conditions.

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