Let’s try this again – Introduction to Lightroom and Digital Workflow at The Art Store

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I keep getting asked about classes, but every time we schedule one folks cancel last minute, etc.  So, we’re going to give this one a whirl again as I have many requests for it.  Please note, to discourage last minute cancellations you must pay in full up front prior to the class, and by the registration date noted below.

What do we cover?

  • Introduction to Lightroom – What’s it for?  What can it do?  What can’t it do?  (15 minutes)
  • Catalog Setup –  Before you get in depth with Lightroom you’d better set it up right!  Catalog creation, image storage, backup parameters, and more.  Plus, it’s a database! (1 hour)
  • Sorting it all out – Lightroom is a powerful digital workflow management platform.  Setup properly, it will enable you to find that one photo in a library of thousands. (1 hour)
  • The Develop Model – Can you say Camera RAW?  Photoshop’s RAW editor at your finger tips. (1 hour)
  • Who needs Photoshop?  Lightroom offers powerful editing capabilities.  Maybe it’s all you’ll need.  (1 hour)
  • Introduction to Perfect Layers:  If you don’t have Photoshop you’ll love this!  (1 hour)

In addition, at the end of the class I’ll be giving out my HDR Digital Workflow DVD which covers Lightroom Workflow and HDR creation as well.  Several hours of review material on Lightroom and creating HDRs while using Lightroom to manage your workflow.

This class starts at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday July 17th.  A maximum of 8 students will be accepted.  If you’d like to sign up you can pop by the Art Store or the Ian Russell Gallery.  You must sign up by July 11th.  You’re also welcome to sign up here via PayPal.  The course fee is $79.00 per student.


Additionally, I’m now offering one on one classes on Lightroom, HDR Digital Workflow, and Photoshop CS4 / CS5.  For one on one classes the fee is $300 for the day, we start at 10:00 a.m. and wrap up at 4:30 p.m.  The individual classes take place at RL Charpentier Photography’s studio located in the Ian Russell Gallery on Historic Whiskey Row.  For further information you can drop me a note here in the comments or on the contact form (link at the top of this page), or you can stop by the Art Store to pick up a flier.


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