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LIT_Vol1_webYesterday I’d mentioned the concept of a new E-Pub, and maybe even print publication depending on interest from folks following along here.  To be really honest, it’s not a concept, it is something that is coming soon.

In fact, February 1st I should have the final first E-Pub ready to roll.  The whole idea of the publication is to cover things in a deeper fashion than I do with the blog.  Bottom line, the blog is total stream of consciousness.  Normally I sit down, fire away at the keyboard, and then see what I get out of the whole thing.  Some posts make it, some just get deleted when I re-read them.

The idea of “Living in Tin” is to have a place where I can put together the full story, not just the rapid fire story that gets written here.  And for the first issue we’ve got a couple of fun articles.  The whole story of crossing back across the U.S.  More on the return to Prescott.  The upcoming Borrego trip will be included as well.  And finally, a nuts and bolts discussion of working from the road.  There I think I have some expertise as I’ve been working out of my Airstream since 2006.

The cover you see on this post is a mock up.  I’m not done with it yet.  And I’m not the only person working on the publication.  If there’s interest when it’s available then this will be a quarterly thing.  And now you’re asking, “Well, why didn’t you publish this already starting in January?”  Bright question, simple answer.  I hit the road November 1st, 2013.  Each issue will contain 3 months, so for the first issue we’ll have November, December, & January.  See, it makes sense.

And for those of you who have been wondering where are all the pictures lately?  I think you have your answer now.  They’ll be in LIT (Living in Tin).  Yes, some will hit the blog, but I’m saving a lot of images for this venture!


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