When I’m 74 I want to be Bob

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In 2007 when I first discovered Prescott I knew this place was a climber’s paradise.  Day two of being in the Dells I went to the office at Point of Rocks and asked the manager if there were any climbers in the park.  She said that she knew of one, and she’d tell him I was asking.

20 minutes later back at the Airstream someone started banging on my door.  A rough gravel voice asked, “Are you the climber?  I’m Bob.”

Today the Airstream is parked right across from Bob’s 5th wheel.  He is now 74 years old.  Bob had a pace maker put in a few years ago.  Doctors have told him they want to do surgery on both of his shoulders, but he thinks the recovery time would cut into his climbing season.  So, he climbs in the shape he’s in, period

Bob has been picking at me to get out and climb more since I have returned.  From 2007 – 2009 I climbed a lot with him, but then my failing business got in the way.  Now that all of that is in the past…..well, we’re out on the rock again.


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