Welcome 2014! Happy New Year!

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I know, I know…..it’s just another day in a progression of days.  Just because we say it’s a new year, what does that really mean?

Well, it’s a mile marker I suppose.  Something for all of us to count the passing of time.  And man, as I get older time passes way too fast.

What’s in store for the Chronicles?

Well, next week we’ll see the Airstream back on the road after an extended stay in Prescott.  Warmer climates are in order.  And looking for a few new clients.

The blog itself should be regularly updated, but it won’t contain all the ins and outs of what is going on here.  The big details, the new photography, and my insights into travel and working on the road will be found in a new E-Pub (and maybe print magazine) called Living in Tin.  With luck and effort it will be a quarterly publication available to download on this site, and quite possibly at MagCloud as well.

More on RLCDesign.net

There will be more posting about the business and what’s going on over at the new business site RLCDesign.net.  This morning for instance I’ll be posting about the completion of ParkManager Lite, a new RV Park management solution that I’ve completed.  It’s packaged and ready to roll for OSX, and IOS 7 devices.  And yes, there will be a Windows version as well, just haven’t gotten to porting it yet.

As I’ve said before, if you know of a park that could use a mobilized website, please let me know.  We’re looking to help the small parks get more visibility on today’s mobile computing devices.  So feel free to drop a line.  I’ve gotten a few leads thanks to private e-mails.  Thanks to those of you who have passed along the information!

Commercial projects on the horizon

There might be another gap in travel somewhere in February or March due to a commercial shoot I’m currently working the details out on.  If this contract comes through the Airstream will be idle outside of Phoenix for a little bit.  But hey, gotta keep the lights on in the Airstream!

This project looks to be a lot of fun, and has the potential to give me the right kind of exposure to a completely different client base, and other projects.  As things develop I will update here.

Looking forward to a great 2014

Personally I’m hoping for a great new year.  Of course, it takes your own effort, will, and hard work to make things great.  So I’ll be spending a lot of time on web work, photography, database design and improvement, and anything else clients ask about.

Need your own custom solutions that aren’t RV related?  Yeah, I’m up for any type of project you might need.  Anything it takes to make 2014 great!

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