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Looks like the podcasts are back!

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I’ve been pondering over the past few weeks, “Can I find the time to regularly podcast?”  The conclusion has finally been reached.

Yes, I can.

If you’d like, you can subscribe to the podcast here for free via ITunes by clicking here.  Whenever a new episode is posted it can be automatically downloaded to ITunes.  Then you can watch it at your leisure.  Pretty simple eh?

To let you know, I’ve been formatting these for AppleTV, IPhone, & IPod Touch.  If you have any issues viewing the podcasts let me know.  See, I’m working up to creating longer podcasts on topics that I cover here that will be premium subscription podcasts (ie, they’ll cost a little money), but before I start posting these full length videos I just want to know that all of this is working for folks.  Also, the premium podcasts will be on a different feed, and the free ones will always remain free.  🙂

What will I be covering in the future?  Ah, a few things.  More on Lightroom Workflow, HDR Workflow with Lightroom, Post Processing for Landscapes, Creating Stylized Images, and I think I might make a few longer podcasts covering what I’ve been learning about compositing, and even go through good and bad examples.  Hey, learning only the polished techniques leaves a whole lot out, and it just might be nice to follow along where things are done wrong, and how to correct them.


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