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Managing your time. How do you do it?

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This month is shaping up to be a busy one.  And that’s a good thing.  June was bad on the business side, July saw me covering all bills and nothing more.  August has got to be a good month.  And so far it is.

Being busy means you’ve got to stay on top of things, especially when you’re a one man band.  Meeting people after hours, before hours, shooting in studio, color matching paintings, photo restoration.  Yeah, all of it takes time.  And you have to know who you told to come in Friday at 10 and who’s coming at 11:30.

Fortunately I’m a Mac user.  And I’ve got my handy dandy IPhone as well.  Pop an appointment into the IPhone and my home IMac and work IMac are sync’d.  That simple.  The calendar gets the client’s name, number, description of what I’m doing and when it’s due.  It reminds me 24 hours before a project is due.  Then it reminds me again several hours before appointments.  Keeping me honest.

Now, keep in mind, last month was not “good”.  And if you look at last month’s calendar you can see, still very busy!  Just got make all the business more valuable.  🙂

So, how do you manage your time?  Notebooks (in my old engineering days, yup), calendars, scheduling programs, or something else?  All I can say is that I love the IPhone and my Macs.  I’d be at sea without them!

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