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Sucker punch

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Over the weekend I decided to give myself a treat. Rent a movie and kick back. Nice plan!

Unfortunately I rented a movie without checking reviews. Mistake. Normally though I disagree with reviewers. Not this time…..

I have to say, the movie was visually stunning. But there was NO content at all. Plot? Nada. Characters? What are those?  I kept wondering what writer involved with the film hated women, cause this in my mind was not nice to the ladies, not one bit…..  Ugh.

The whole thing got me to thinking about images. I’m always trying to capture visually stunning images. But what about content? Are there stories in the images? My hope is to always answer that with a yes.  Of course, there are times I miss the mark.  And yes, of course, I hope I don’t miss the mark like “Sucker Punch” did.  In the end, I did feel sucker punched and had a really hard time going to sleep.  I mean really, we start out with the movie showing two young women losing their mother, left at the hands of an abusive step father, one sister dies, the other is committed to keep her from spilling the beans.  And the rest of the story is visual eye candy.  In the end?  Yeah, she’s toast too.  Her fantasies are of wars, video game scenarios, and landing in the midst of prostitutes (where her salvation lies….sort of).  Hmmmmm.

I really felt like I was watching a movie written by 5 year olds with severe ADD.  “This happened, and then this happened, oh throw in a dragon……..”  Ouch!  Truth be told though, I feel like that about more and more movies.  Somebody tell me a story, quick!

Oh, and just to continue the sucker punch.  Here’s a pumped up image without a story from my visit to Flagstaff.  Really, this image isn’t serious.  But it’s candy of sorts…….

This post was already in the works when I went to Flag. This image was selected while shooting for the post. Candy. An interesting work of art, and photographically I did nothing but get it. Might make a cool background, but otherwise? No story from me.

Are movies leaving you feel “Sucker Punched” lately?  Somebody throw me some real sci-fi, please!


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