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Months ago I’d given Red River’s Polar Pearl Metallic a whirl.  I liked the results after I got the profile right.  Clients did too.

Additionally I’d tried Breathing Color’s metallic (not available currently).  BC had sent me some samples to see what I thought, and I was pretty happy.

Unfortunately since my first round of testing both Red River and Breathing Color I’ve found that I couldn’t find any rolls of metallic.  Red River’s site hasn’t had rolls up in a while.  Breathing Color is still working on theirs……  What to do, what to do?

After searching around the web I found LexJet.  I’d never used their products before, but I figured I’d give them a whirl.  So, days ago I ran my first test on their Sunset Metallic paper……and the results were good.  Really good.

I’ve already run several of my own prints for clients, and I’ve started notifying the rest that I’ve got metallic back in stock.  Big thumbs up to LexJet!  New account rep and everything.  Of course, they’d like me to try out several of their other papers, and I’ll be doing that soon.

Oh, and just for fun…..I ran a metallic of Kassi & Elliot from the recent Route 66 excursion!

Kassi "pops" on the Sunset Metallic


While this is a subtle image, the metallic adds a good deal to the feel of the piece


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  1. The metallic added incredible drama to the bottom photo as compared to the original shot, wow!!!

    There were no desert wildflowers in the meadow along the Henderson Canyon Rd. in Borrego Springs this year. Your 2008 trip had the best bloom with the meadow filled with desert marigolds, sand verbena, and dune primroses.

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