Off loading the 40D

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You know, I still do use the 40D here and there.  Of course I forget to off load it sometimes though…..

Yesterday I finished getting everything off of the current card.  I found shots from over a month ago.  Shoots where I’d used both the 5D and the 40D.  Getting home I’d immediately import everything from the 5D and then I’d start sorting.  The poor 40D would stay in its bag, and by the time I was done with the first set of files I’d forgotten I have more shots to import.

Importing last night I found a few things that caught my interest.  A little editing and voila.  New photos to share!

Remember my last Route 66 trip? Yeah, the 40D had some files from that!


From a random walk in the Dells a few weeks ago.


Yesterday's walk around Watson Lake. Pretty.


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