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Or maybe that’s “more on Life.” We’ll have to see where this post goes…. I’m a little raw right now after this morning’s events and can’t even nap. Keep waking up with any sound.

So, lets recap the events. Somewhere after 2 a.m. my truck alarm loudly woke me out of a good sleep. It took a few moments to find my keys and pants and get outside. Getting out I found one joker bailing from the back passenger door. I called the police at 2:13 a.m. That’s what my iPhone recorded.

The police showed about 20 minutes later. We chatted, found out what was stolen, and saw the thieves even took a moment to try my Maple Brown Sugar Life.

While chatting with the police I could have sworn I’d heard a shoe slip on the stairs around the corner of the building. See, not at the airstream. Monthly lease at a very nice apartment complex in WV. Was too cold for the airstream to get water in so figured it was a good idea.

Anyhow…. That shoe slip I heard was right. The police left and I went inside. But it wasn’t over. Shortly after all the excitement I heard a noise outside. A large (read fat sack of crap) colored guy and a shorter woman with black hair at the back of my truck again. They had gotten the lock open on my truck cap once again. Persistent bastards! The fat guy started running (in his fashion) and wore out in under half a block. The woman took a slow leisurely stroll away. Calm cool and collected while her large friend was working on avoiding a stroke from his getaway……

The call went into the Parkersburg PD at 3:08 am to advise them that my new friends had returned for a second go. No call back no patrol. Nice. I stood watch until nearly 6 a.m.

It struck me later in the morning why they returned. See, they had dumped clothes of mine out on the street. I had a bag in the truck because I’ll be at our corporate office for the remainder of the week. Well picking up clothes I tossed my brown jacket into the back of the truck….. I thought it was my jacket.

Then looking in my closet this morning I saw my brown coat. The jacket I tossed into the truck belonged to my new friends. And that jacket was retrieved on their return visit. Hmmm….

In talking with folks today I kept hearing, “well what did you have in your truck?” And to that question I have my own……

What does it matter what I have in MY truck? It’s mine, and my possessions are mine.

When was the moment that it became our fault for being violated by someone else? When did we turn the corner where owning something was bad, and could almost justify someone else feeling they could take it from us?

More concisely, when did we all decide that the entitlement mindset was accepted? Because when someone asks me accusingly what was in my vehicle I think the implication was that I was in the wrong for owning or possessing anything.

Mull that over for a moment.

If someone has more than you they’re bad and somehow you are entitled to what they have. If someone has less than you you’re bad and they’re entitled to what you have.

We hear that on the news all the time but not said as bluntly.

Folks, communism doesn’t work and it never will. The guy above you is a source of frustration and the guy below you is a source of guilt. Let me say this again. It doesn’t work.

So what was in my truck? Clothes, an old iPod that shouldn’t work any more, a $100 GPS, my prescription sunglasses, antacid, notebooks, a few Rubbermaid containers with books / pictures / and a photo of my mom and I. Finally a small portable generator. Oh and my life cereal.

Did I have it coming? Was I showing off? Do I have too much? When I owned a home and lost everything to illness and divorce did I have it coming? Well what did you have then Rich? Maybe it was too much. Did I become good when I lost everything and stayed sick for 5 years? Was I good working hard at a business that failed?

Now, ask yourself this. Does it matter what was in my truck? I think the answer is no. Nobody is entitled to make a meal of another person. The morality of canibals is not one I can endorse.

Morons eating my life. Ah, that’s where this post’s title came from. Roll that one around too. It has several meanings.

Now that I’ve vented I’m going to attempt to get some sleep. In addition to what was stolen I also lost a full day of work and pay. And I won’t make up for it by taking from anyone else.

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  1. So sorry to hear this Rich! I’m just glad you weren’t hurt! I know your mad because you were violated but the stuff you lost due to thief can be replaced but you can’t be! I can only hope that the thieves get caught! I was also thinking that I’m glad that they didn’t take the pic of you and mom! Oh how I miss her and you! Take care! Love you buddy!

  2. Some people just suck.
    They lack morality.
    They lack ethics.
    They lack guilt.

    And even if the communist philosophy isn’t right, but still somehow comes to pass – the ultimate truth is that in the afterlife, many of these moral-free souls will certainly not be having the laugh…

    But, I feel ya – sorry your truck was broken into – twice!

  3. Don’t you own a gun, Rich. You lived in Az long enough and most of us here do. Criminals don’t fear cops, they fear armed citizens and large dogs

  4. Well said! I fear a gun might have escalated the “situation” from theft to death. How do you know whether the perpetrator is armed or not? If I were a bad guy, and you shot at me, I’d make it a point to come back for a little visit. If you are going to have a gun, you better use it… or sleeplessness will be your friend forever.
    Sorry Rich.
    Box Canyon Mark

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