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I have to say, sometimes it makes me sad so many people read this site.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the fact that folks pop by and find value in this site.  But sometimes looking at the stats it bums me out what folks are reading.

Today and yesterday my stats went through the roof.  Neat.  Then I saw why……

My post, “The Formula Wedding E-mail,” has been jamming on readers again for the past 2 days.  That bums me out.  The reason is simple.  The lame scam artists who target photographers are at it again.  Another round of fake inquiry e-mails came out yesterday to photographers all over the country.  And those who are wary do a google search to see if there’s something “phishy” going on, find my site, and dodge the scam bullet.

I’m glad to be helping folks out to be sure.  But man, this fake wedding photo letter has now been around for 2 years, and it persists.  Worse than that?  I know more than 10 photographers (we’re closing in on 20) who have fallen for the scam (they always send private e-mails, and I understand why).

The business of photography is tough today.  Getting what seems to be a legit wedding shoot request is something many folks jump at.  It means income after weeks or months of slow or no income.  People miss the warning flags and fall into the trap.  That sucks.

So, to all my photographer friends and readers out there…… Share my link to every photographer you know.  Send them the original post (linked above) so they can see all the fake names involved in the scam, and the multiple addresses they use.

If you do this I’ll see a traffic spike this week.  And then never again after that, because nobody will get suckered again!  I’d rather see low daily numbers instead of knowing people are reading here because the scam artists are at it again!



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