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The Airstream is in WV…..again

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Ah yes, the Airstream is a few miles from the border of Kentucky and West Virginia.  And it’s on the West Virginia side tonight.  Wow, hauling across the country to say the least!

Tonight I’m parked at a KOA….. the nicest KOA I’ve ever pulled into.  Every cross country trip deserves one KOA trial, and today I decided to give one I wasn’t familiar with a whirl.  Gotta say, I’m wow’d.  This is a super nice park.  And before I give anything else away I’ll stop right here.  You can listen to more about it tomorrow.

Today’s ride was pretty good.  Well, except for passing through Lexington, KY.  Hey Kentucky drivers, it’s a merge lane, not a run headlong into my Airstream lane!  Psycho drivers today to be sure.

Well, with the little tidbits out of the way, now it’s time for today’s podcast from the road….. Enjoy!

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