Neither a purple haze nor purple rain, but something funky all the same

Richard Charpentier Arizona, Prescott 1 Comment

I’m seriously thinking about getting out of the imaging biz and dedicating myself full time to poetry…..much more lucrative opportunities in that field, and I’m clearly good……..

Seriously though, Prescott has a cloud over it right now.  I walked outside a little while ago and saw unique lighting.  Almost sunset light, but way too early.  So I looked up and saw the haze rolling in over our building.

The past few weeks we’ve had a series of burns.  Playing my allergies up big time!  Each night I go home with a burning throat and burning eyes, and I hide in the Airstream “sucking Hepa.”  The Hepa filter is running full tilt!  Glad I have it.

To my fellow residents…..  Hang in there.  The season has to be close to over!

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  1. Cool shot… That is one of the few things I do not miss about Prescott.
    Oh and keep your day job 😉

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