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Last Friday I had the opportunity to shoot with two fun ladies, Michaela & Renee.  I’d been wanting to do a few shots over near the old Sam Hill Warehouse, and we finally found the time!

Renee & Michaela were game for most anything.  That made the shoot all the more fun.  And when it comes down to it, I always like to have fun when doing portrait work for clients.

Some of the inspiration for the weathered antiqued look in several of the images comes from Kevin Kubota’s new “Lighting Notebook” which I picked up a few weeks ago.  There were a few photos in the Notebook section that jumped out to me.  I had to try my own take.  Adding textures to images is just one thing I learned from the book.  I love getting inspired by other photographers!

Doing the post processing I had some extra fun.  The texture in the first image on this post is textured with a pine tree that I photographed on Sunday while hiking West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon.  The idea that you can marry two very distinct and separate images together to make something even better really appeals to me.  First I get hooked on HDRs, then composites, now the idea that I can texturize images in a  nice way.  Very cool!

Fortunately I didn’t go over the top and texturize everything.  When doing portraits I find more and more that right out of the camera works well too.  Or worst case scenario?  A light edit here or there but not much at all.


So, what was used for Friday’s shoot?

  • The 5D Mark II with my 24-70 f/2.8 lens
  • Radio Popper JrX transmitter and receiver
  • Alien Bee 800
  • Lastolite 36×36 softbox
  • 1 light stand
That’s the whole gear list.  Sure I wheeled my roller bag out (not a think tank) with ALL the stuff in it, but in the end not much was needed at all!

Prescott is extremely cool

Soon I’ll be doing a post over at PhotographingArizona.com about shooting in Prescott.  We’ve got a lot of great places to photograph and I’m sure if you’ve followed along here over the years you know what I’m talking about.  But what I’ll be posting soon is more tuned to portrait photography than landscape.  We’ve got an abundance of photographic backdrops that I don’t think many cities offer.  So we’ll be talking about that soon!

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