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Been a few days since I posted here at the Airstream Chronicles.  And those days have been very very busy, so there’s the reason for my absence.  I did post over at my other site regarding West Fork, so take a look over there now and again too.  I’m bringing back Photographing Arizona, so stay tuned.

I’ve never quite been a “joiner”

Associations, clubs, groups……yeah, I’ve mostly avoided them.  I was part of WBCCI for 2 years, but then left the group.  Not quite my style.  While I was an engineer I avoided all the associations.  Too busy actually working to join an association.

Recently though I’ve rethought “joining” organizations.  I’ve gone so far as to actually join a few.

Years ago I joined NAPP, and I’ve been very happy with that decision.  The benefits, the community, the discounts….and of course, Kelby Training (joined that too).  I’ll probably continue my membership for some time to come!

In the past few weeks I’ve finally decided to join two other organizations.  First I signed up with PPA, and then I decided to also join the WPPI.  As I get more serious about photographing people I think each group will benefit me.  The PPA especially offers some great benefits.  Equipment insurance, shoot insurance, it’s all there.  And WPPI puts out Rangefinder Magazine which I’ve been reading and enjoying for years!

So, officially a joiner now.

Meeting a hero of mine and finding some inspiration

On Saturday I met a photographer who I’ve followed for years.  His images inspired me when I first started in this business, and still inspire me today.  It was very cool to meet him.

After chatting for the late morning and then having lunch we said our good byes and I headed back to Prescott while he got ready for a seminar he was giving this week.  The ride home left me working through so many ideas.  And those ideas are starting to come through here at my shop.  But we’re just at the beginning.

Gotta say, it’s always great to meet someone you consider a mentor.  It’s even better when you walk away with new enthusiasm for what you’re doing!

Photographing Arizona is coming to a screen near you

Part of Saturday’s inspiration pushed me to resurrect a project that I let fall away some time ago. is coming back.  I’ll be posting there, and if you’re interested, you could be too!  Check the site out and I think you’ll get the idea quickly of what I’m looking to do.  If you’re interested in contributing simply drop me a line!

More inspiration will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

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