New Classes and a new alliance with The Art Store

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A washed out version of an image in White Pocket. Shot with high sun.

Today I’m announcing two new one day classes, and a new partnership with another local business.  It’s all very exciting if you ask me!

Since my business began oh so long ago, I’ve been doing business with “The Art Store” located here in Prescott.  Keith and Ida are great folks, and if you don’t know all about The Art Store and the Frame and I you should check them out.  One of the really cool things that goes on at The Art Store are classes.

Classes on painting, drawing, sculpting… name it.  Well, no classes on digital photography………until now.

After discussing dates and times with Ida and Keith this weekend we’ve hashed out a summer schedule for two intro courses that I think many folks will be interested in.  After the last 5 workshops, and through discussions with folks who walk through the gallery doors every week, I settled on two introductory topics that seems to occupy many digital photographers’ minds.

Where do I start in Lightroom?  And what can I do with it.  Also, where do I start in Photoshop.

Heck, those were major questions in my mind just a few years ago!  And especially when you think of Photoshop, knowing where to start is a little daunting.  There are just so many tools, so many features.  So, what do I do when I’ve picked a photo to work with?

The same image fixed up in Lightroom

Well, these intro classes will answer that, and more.  The links below will download an Adobe PDF for each class.

Intro to Photoshop

Intro to Lightroom

Each month one Lightroom and one Photoshop class will be offered.  Classes will meet at The Art Store and will run from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.  And yes, I plan on offering advanced courses as well, but I’m still working on the presentation material at this time.

If you’re interested in attending please feel free to get in touch here or through the Art Store.  I’ll also be posting some PayPal signup links this week, and I’ll let you know when they’re up.  Dates for the classes are on the PDFs, so download them and take a read through.  🙂

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