Not the world’s smallest violin

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My last Senior Rep for the 2013 school year popped through the studio on Sunday.  Evan is an interesting guy.  Well read, into a unique sport, and an accomplished musician.  He promised to be an interesting shoot when I met him, and as it worked out it was a fun day.  We broke our sets up into morning and afternoon.  The morning we setup for some composites in the studio, and the afternoon was spent on location.

One of my favorite photographers is James Quantz.  His composite work and commercial work is just amazing.  And while I was photographing Evan I had the work of Quantz in mind.

I think when I compile the final versions of Evan I might even impress Mr. Quantz.  I hope so, as I’ve found a lot of inspiration in the work he does.  Someday maybe I’ll be in his league.  🙂

Evan is into Parkour.  He asked me during our morning set if we could do some shots in the afternoon with free running and Parkour.  Sadly I have realized that I am very very old.  Somebody break out the walker and check me out for senile dementia.  I had no idea what Parkour was.  Eeek, I’m out of touch.

I decided that we could shoot him at angles to look higher than he was, but that we would not be visiting the top of the Prescott Parking Garage for any Parkour photos.  Insurance liability, issues for the city, etc.  Man, I sound like an old fart don’t I?  When I was his age (oh god, I said it) I was launching myself all over the place on skateboards.  Clearly I’ve gotten dull now that I’m 40.  Quick, somebody get me on a skateboard.

We headed out to Tonto Road near Skull Valley Arizona as I had a few other ideas in mind for Evan.  A few side of the dirt road while reading images, and then a few images where Evan could do some of his Parkour jumps.  Rock hopping I get, and I do it often.  Evan clearly digs big jumps and rock hops too.

Gotta say, Evan was a fun subject for the last Senior Rep session.  And who knows, we might get some bookings from this year’s seniors.  I just hope they’re as fun as the 4 kids I’ve photographed so far.

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