Showing on the Courthouse Square

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I’ve been in business in Prescott now for 4 years.  And in all of that time I’ve never done one of the shows on the square.  Tomorrow that will change.  I’ll be doing the last show of the season.  It should be interesting to hang out in a tent on the square for the next two days, and hopefully it might even be a profitable venture!

“Snail Rock” will be on display as a 32×48″ canvas gallery wrap. You’ve got to see this one in person to believe it.

Since I first landed in Prescott I always found the weekend events to be pretty interesting.  So many people out and about walking the town.  Vendor booths setup, events going on.  All fun.  But from the business standpoint we’ve always found that event weekends cut into our business.  My thought?  Why not try an event and see what the difference is.

You’ll find me on the Cortez side of the Courthouse if you come down.  Be sure to pop by and say hi.  Oh, and by a print or two.  😉


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