Off To The Grand Staircase Once More

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Ah yes, another trip to the UT/AZ border again.  There is so much to explore and so many image opportunities.  So when John R got in touch the other week to see if I would be willing to meet him when he stops into Page I said, “Sure!”

We’ll be covering several different areas on this week’s trip.  Frankly I’m looking to find some new and unique areas that I haven’t previously shot.  That should be really easy to achieve!  I’m sure John will enjoy exploring the area too!

If you’re looking for prints over the weekend….sorry.  🙁  I will be back on Tuesday the 9th!

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  1. Oh! Man…If I would have known.
    I was in the area between Page AZ and Kanab a three days ago. I did the Wire Pass Canyon and The Wave.

    Have Fun!
    Maybe later this year, I will swing by Prescot AZ.

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